Samm Henshaw “It’s All Good” / Samsung

Logo creation, which was picked up for tshirts and other branding for this joint venture between Samm and Samsung; some might say it’s a song SammSung.

In collaboration with Samsung Electronics UK, “All Good” is inspired by a fan photo that Samm was challenged to write a song on. Reflected in the single artwork, “All Good” is full of Samm’s charm, positivity and wit.

For fans to get involved in Samsung’s Inspired by a True Photo campaign, simply upload a real-life photo taken on your Galaxy device to Instagram, using #withGalaxy, to be in with the chance of having the photo selected to influence unusual and unexpected creations in arts and culture.

Director of Photography – Ruben Woodin Dechamps
Production Designer – Lucie Red
Director – Max Weiland
Production Company – Somesuch
Producer – Tom Gardner
Set Production — Lucie Red